Best Cigars Of 2022

The Cigar Aficionado editors reveal the top cigars of the year
| By Gregory Mottola | From Fox NFL Sunday, January/ February 2023
Best Cigars Of 2022
Photos/Jeff Harris
Bestowing the industry’s highest accolade upon a cigar is not something that we at Cigar Aficionado take lightly. A meaningful year-end list like this requires going back to the ratings, reviewing the highest scores of the last 12 months and smoking cigars anew in a search for the ones that truly stand apart. It’s a process of analysis and re-analysis, one that strives to find the most distinguished cigars we rated all year. Our blind smoking process—where bands are removed and replaced with numbered white labels—ensures that we assess a cigar as objectively as possible, eliminating the biases that can arise from knowing the brand name or price of a cigar beforehand. …
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