Before Cigar Aficionado

The events that led to the creation of Cigar Aficionado in 1992
Officially it’s our 25th anniversary, but Cigar Aficionado ’s gestation goes back much further. Before Marvin R. Shanken created the magazine, he was a cigar-smoking publisher with a penchant for fine cigars that began in his college days. In the early 1980s, roughly a decade before the first issue of the magazine, Shanken began to write about cigars in The Wine Spectator , a publication he bought in 1979. The first cigar column, which was published in February, 1984, was entitled “I Love a Good Smoke.” In the piece, Shanken told the world about his affinity for cigars, which was a big deal given that cigar smoking in the 1980s was not as accepted as it would …
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