Beefeater to March Out a Summer Edition

Coming on the heels of last year's superpremium debut, 24, Beefeater Gin is set to introduce a lighter, brighter seasonal gin in June, called Beefeater Summer Edition. The new vehicle, which will only be available until fall, is aimed toward refreshment, with its three new botanicals and lighter proof.

Inspiration for the added botanicals—elderflower, black currant and hibiscus—comes from the summers of the English countryside, says Beefeater. The company, which is the only gin still made in London, stayed closer to home than it did with the grapefruit-and-Asian-tea-inspired 24.

Unsurprisingly, flowery is the thrust of this gin, even as it includes the standard Beefeater botanical lineup: juniper, Seville oranges, lemon peel, licorice, coriander, angelica root, angelica seeds, almonds and orris root. The flagship gin is notoriously anchored to a dry, junipery profile. The Summer Edition is a traipse through a meadow of fruits, flowers and candy, with a very soft mouth feel for cushioning.

Meant for warm weather consumption, Summer Edition drops in alcohol from the 94 proof of Beefeater London Dry to 80 proof, a change which contributes to its lighter, softer character. Beefeater 24, at 90 proof, is the most expensive of the trio at $30. London Dry is $20 and Summer Edition $22.

The company suggests a spectrum of seasonal cocktails, including a Martini garnished with the fruits of summer:

Beefeater Summer & Cranberry
1 part gin
3 parts cranberry juice
Squeeze of fresh lime juice

Combine ingredients in a tall glass with ice. Garnish with lime wheel.

Summer Martini
3 parts gin
1 part dry vermouth

Stir together in a glass with ice until well chilled. Garnish with a blackberry and raspberry on a cocktail stick.

Summer Gin Fizz
2 parts gin
3 parts fresh ruby grapefruit juice
splash of club soda

Stir together in a tall glass with ice until chilled. Garnish with a wedge of ruby grapefruit.

Summer Lemonade
2 parts gin
3 parts homemade lemonade

Stir together in a tall glass with ice until chilled. Garnish with a lemon wheel.