Avo Brand Redesigned for 2015

Avo cigars will soon have a brighter, bolder presence in your cigar store humidor. As part of a brand-wide initiative, Davidoff of Geneva has redesigned the boxes, discontinued certain Avo lines and even updated Avo's official brand slogan. What was once "Cigars in Perfect Harmony" is now "Savor Every Note."

But that's the least of the changes that will appear in early 2015. The most obvious adjustment will be the packaging. The original slide-lid cabinets of 25 will now be sleeker, hinged boxes of 25 with the Avo monogram and logo more conspicuously emblazoned across the top of the lid.

"The brand needed to be freshened up in terms of offerings, packaging and communication," said Richard Krutick, director of marketing for Davidoff of Geneva. "The refresh is an evolution of the brand, not a revolution. It's about staying true to Avo's core, but also modernizing it for today's consumer."

Though the individual cigar bands still feature the gilded Avo monogram, the design scheme has been punched up with more color and a more distinctive shape.


Fans of the Avo Signature and Avo Maduro lines will have to buy up as much old stock as they can find—these two lines have been discontinued. Remaining, however, are the Avo Classic (the company's most popular line), XO, Heritage and Domaine.

"The Avo brand has been an industry staple for 27 years," said Krutick. "We want to tell stories that have been around since the brand's inception, but never told. For example, there is a piece of 25-year-old tobacco in every Avo Classic. Henke [Kelner] has a bail in the Dominican Republic that he refreshed every year."

All blends will remain the same.

Avo cigars were named after musician Avo Uvezian, who will be celebrating his 89th birthday in 2015. Price reductions are part of the retooling initiative as well. Avo cigars across the board will see price cuts ranging from ten cents to $2.40 per cigar, depending on the size.