Atomic Nomad Skis

Coming off months of basking on the beach and lazy autumnal walks, you had expected your first ski day to be rife with crippling thigh burn, but midway through your morning run, you feel strong and spry. You can thank a little TFC (Torsion and Flex Control, that is) from Atomic.

The Atomic Nomad line of skis features the newly patented TFC technology, which, simply put, means that the ski does more work so that your legs don't have to. Through the miracle of nanotechnology, a mid-wide design and a series of half-moon-shaped cutouts, the skis are rendered lighter and more flexible, thereby easier to control and more forgiving on your body. The increased elasticity better absorbs the shock of the terrain while adding slingshot-pop to your turns. Whether you're an expert skiing the backwoods powder or a novice zooming the groomed trails, the skis' aim is for you to keep going from morning's first tracks to lift closing at dusk.

The Nomad is the first Atomic ski designed by the Austria-based company specifically for the North American market. It is a consummate all-mountain ski that departs from the stiffer European style that is built to make hard-carving turns at high speeds.

If you decide to couple the Nomad skis with a pair of new Atomic Hawx boots, your ride to the bottom could be even easier. The boots boast the same flexology philosophy used with the Nomad skis. Designed to soften the stiff cast-like feel of the usual ski boot, Hawx bends with the natural movements of your feet as they lean into turns and brace for mogul impact. Weight is focused on the balls of your feet, which are encased in more forgiving material. The effect is a more even weight distribution, which results in better balance, less strain and less fatigue. The bonus comes when you walk off the slopes en route to après-ski and don't experience the feeling of wearing footwear made for Frankenstein.

The Atomic Nomad skis and Atomic Hawx boots first reached stores this fall. The skis have a suggested retail price of $1,250 and the boots, $750. Both are available in varieties tailored to specific skiers and terrains.