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Atoll's Corresponding Collections

You've got the matching luggage, the coordinating dishware set, the collection of lacquered oak bedroom furniture, and the complete series of 2002 bobblehead Yankees players. What you need now is a travel humidor that matches your cigar case that resembles your lighter that relates to your favorite pocket flask. Look no further.

Atoll Enterprises -- makers of fine animal-hide cigar cases -- has altered its product lineup to include new collections whose surface features are similar. Available in a host of styles, colors and hides (such as ostrich-pressed leather), each cigar-related product is handmade in the United States using imported Italian leather. Every collection includes flasks, lighters and cigar cases.

Showcased here on Cigar Aficionado Online are products from Atoll's crocodile-pressed leather collection. Each item is bound with Italian cowhide that has been stamped with chestnut-colored pressed crocodile leather. Included in the series are a 4-oz. flask ($39), 6-oz. flask ($45), 8-oz. flask, a Churchill tabletop lighter ($170), a robusto double-flame pocket lighter ($85), a cedar-lined leather pocket case ($98) and a cedar-lined leather travel humidor with a humidifying device ($158). The items can be bought individually, or as a set.

The pocket cigar case comes with two removable cedar dividers and holds up to three cigars. The oval-shaped travel humidor can comfortably fit nine cigars of varying sizes. The stainless steel flasks come with a cap attached to a hinge to prevent loss. Both lighters ignite with a splendid sideways snap of the flint wheel; however, on the pocket lighter, the spring screw where the flint is changed sometimes becomes loose and must periodically be retightened.

Atoll products are available worldwide. For more information, contact Atoll Enterprises at 818-376-1031.