Ashton Takes Over U.S. Distribution of Humidipak

Ashton Distributors Inc., the owners and distributors of some of the best-known premium cigar brands in the world, will begin distributing the Humidipak and Bóveda brands of humidification systems in the United States beginning next week.

"We're big believers in the product," said Ashton vice president Sathya Levin. "We know the two-way Humidipak humidity control system as the premier system on the market. It's really a revolutionary system."

For the complete story on this deal, see today's Cigar Insider.

"I'm a fairly seasoned cigar smoker of 18 to 20 years and have always found proper temp and humidification to be an ongoing battle to make sure my cigars are properly maintained and ready to smoke, Each part of the country presents it's own challenges, in California Central Valley I had a fairly easy job of it , in Florida I rarely had to add moisture of my humidifiers because Florida is naturally very high humidity tropical type area, but in Utah I've had the hardest time trying to keep things equalized. Several years ago I had three humidors running the electronic cigar oasis humidification systems in each humidor and I started getting light mold on the interior of the humidors no matter what I did to avoid it I couldn't stop it from happening, so I emptied all my humidors and made sure no mold was on my cigars and wiped the surfaces with a clean damp cloth to make sure I got any mold traces off them but now I had three humidors with mold problems and a couple hundred high priced smokes with no safe place to put them, so I pulled out several large gallon sized zip lock bags and put all my cigars in them and stuck them all in the refrigerators vegetable crisper (the miser in me couldn't see throwing out a couple grand worth of cigars) so I pretty much stopped smoking my cigars for a few years. After it being a pain for my wife with them stored in the vegetable crisper I eventually moved them all to a freezer (yeah I know cardinal cigar sin, miser in me couldn't throw them out with bands like Gurkha, Cohiba, Macanudo, AVO, Punch, Fuente and others) so there they sat in a freezer After five years or so in a freezer I was getting a craving for my fine cigars again so I went to the local smoke shop who don't properly humidify their cigars because they didn't know any better, but I ordered a small humidor to hold a few stogies in and seasoned it and smoked the cigars after letting them re humidify in the small humidor but I still had all those expensive sticks in the freezer and then while on the Internet one day looking for the latest and greatest humidification options I ran on to a Boveda ad along with water pillow humidifiers so I ordered a few of each to try and liked the Boveda so much I decided to see if they could revive my freezer stock, so I pulled one of each of my five favorite bands and moved them back to the crisper for a couple days before moving them to the small humidor with the Boveda packets, after two days I noticed the Boveda packets were dry so I added two more and waited another couple days and they dried out so I added a third set of packets and three days later they were still half full. I decided to try one of my freezer stored cigars and at first the taste on my lips before lighting it was unpleasant, the wrapper had a bit of a bad taste but I took a sip of 18 year old single malt and lit her up and after she got going good I started noticing the flavors coming out, but they didn't taste as I remembered them tasting, but it wasn't a bad difference, it was a really REALLY good difference and that label had never tasted that great before so I smoked it down to finger burning nub and wasn't satisfied yet so I grabbed another of the freezer stock. And again a bit of an unpleasant bitter taste on the wrapper but nothing scotch didn't remedy and I lit her up and started puffing away and again I'd never remembered this label tasting that good either, so I smoked it down to finger burning nub like the first one and still I thought maybe it was a fluke? The next day I lit the third of the five freezer sticks and again same bitter taste on the wrapper but after lighting it up and getting it going it was an amazing smoke. I then ordered a case of the full size 69% Boveda packets instead of the small packets and pulled the first of several large zip lock bags from the freezer and into the vegetable crisper for a few days before moving to the humidor and the large packets didn't run dry as fast so it only took one full large packet and then part of a second packet to bring the cigars to smoke ready. I have a best friend of 20 plus years that had smoked a few decent labels but nothing like my stock labels so I sent him about 50 assorted cigars from the freezer stock and a couple Boveda packets and a seasoned 50 stick humidor, after he got into smoking them he said they were the damn finest and most delicious cigars he'd ever smoked, he said he didn't know cigars could taste that good and was shocked to find out they had been in a freezer for five plus years and couldn't get enough of them. The next few months I eventually brought every stick from the freezer back to smoking condition and every stick was more enjoyable then they had ever been and today I'm still using the 69% Boveda packets in every box of cigars I buy until there is room in the humidor for them as well as keeping a 20 pack brick on standby at all times and I'll never go back to traditional humidification ever again." —May 17, 2014 15:56 PM