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Ashton Scented Candle

We might as well face the fact that there are people in this world, perhaps even in our own households, who do not enjoy the fine aroma of a premium cigar and do not keep it a secret. We cigar smokers can move to a deserted all-smoking island somewhere or we can learn to coexist. One step toward bridging the gap is the Ashton Scented Candle.

The candle emits a pleasant scent of musky cinnamon, which if it emanated from the foot of a cigar, would be considered even more pleasurable to the nonsmoker. It almost has a cologne-like smell that could, perhaps, save you a spritz in the bathroom following a smoking night on the town or an evening of poker.

The candle is housed in an attractive six-ounce frosted glass tumbler with a golden lid (when emptied of candle wax, it might make a good vehicle for a shot of Bourbon). The woman in your life could very easily mistake it for a toiletry accoutrement and buy three to put in a row on a bathroom shelf, but the Ashton logo emblazoned on the front of the cup reminds us of the item's roots in tobacco.

Ashton Scented Candles are made in France and have a suggested retail price of $25 at tobacconists across the United States.