Ashton Releasing ESG 24 Year Salute

It's been two years since Ashton Distributors Inc. has released a new size in the Estate Sun Grown series, but this year, fans of the cigar can expect the 24 Year Salute—a 6 5/8 inch by 47 ring, double-tapered perfecto.

"This is the fifth size in the Ashton Estate Sun Grown line, which was originally created to celebrate Ashton's 20th anniversary," said Ashton vice president Sathya Levin. "Like the other sizes in the Ashton ESG line, the 24 Year Salute features an ultra-rare, Dominican sun grown wrapper from Chateau de la Fuente. Due to the rare nature of this wrapper, the cigar will be made in extremely limited quantities."

The ESG line consists of only Dominican tobacco, and is made in Santiago, Dominican Republic, by Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia. Prices have yet to be established, but in lieu of the existing four sizes, expect the new ESG to retail in the $20 to $25 range.

Though Ashton doesn't anticipate the 24 Year Salute to be released until late this year, some lucky smokers sampled an early version of the cigar at the 20th Annual Smoker for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital charity event held at New York's Grand Havana Room last week. It is still uncertain whether or not samples of the 24 Year Salute will make an appearance at the upcoming IPCPR trade show.

Read editor Gregory Mottola's recent blog to find out how the new ESG smokes.

"Am I reading correctly or did you mean "Float Dumb? Ashton is a relic of the 90's? VSG and ESG are passe'? They just happen to be a couple of my favrite cigars. And Ashton has introduced new sizes and blends frequently since the company was originally founded. Do you really expect CA to do reviews on every cigar that is even somewhat available in select locations? I can hardly lift some issues as it is. I have enjoyed the magazine since it's inception. I don't aways agree with their ratings - but at least they have a blind system to grade cigars. I find their ratings somewhat useful - but not foolproof. I especially like them since they seem to spend a little less time glorifying Castro's island than they used to in the past. By the way - I have been a cigar smoker since the 60's. And also by the way - not everyone is looking for the latest Nicaraguan spice bomb. Many of us enjoy a nicely blended middle of the road smoke. IMO, not many of the new Nicaraguan companies who manage to squeeze a little more ligero into their blend is worthy to share the same humidor with an Ashton VSG, an ESG, or a Carrilo Elencos. My two dollars worth? MARV " —August 2, 2013 18:30 PM
"Riiiight. How many years did it take for you to even notice Viaje or Illusione? We all know ya gotta get into X number of stores (rumor is 100, please correct me if I'm wrong) before you even take notice. And maybe not even then. I mean Kristoff was like in a thousand stores before you even noticed him sometime last year, right? Not exactly on the pulse, my man. And Crowned Heads hardly counts as that is just Huber with Tim most likely funding it until he can come out from behind his non-compete. You've known those guys for ages and CAO advertised for like a decade at least...that hardly counts. I mean who else are you gonna label as a small and new to the industry? CLE or EP Carrillo? Christian E. and Ernie C. y'all! New on the scene! CA exclusive! Ya got me on Topper, though. Bravo ::yawn::" —June 18, 2013 15:17 PM
"CA only reports on huge companies? What about Crowned Heads? Viaje? Illusione? Topper? Check your facts." —June 16, 2013 01:41 AM
"Christian, it's because the new smaller companies send pres releases to the blogs to help in their marketing in a more nimble fashion. CA won't report on a small company, only on huge, old school advertisers like Ashton, who spend $40k a month on a 2 page ad. Like CA they are a relic from the 90s. This info was probably sent to CA via fax for God's sake." —June 15, 2013 12:22 PM
"Nice reporting Greg, I had no idea. Looking forward to the size. I wonder when bloggers will pick up this news and claim to be first on the scene with it." —June 13, 2013 16:03 PM