Ashton Bringing Cigar Bar Smoking Back to Philadelphia

Legal cigar bar smoking and drinking is set to return to the city of brotherly love this September when the all-new Ashton Cigar Bar opens its doors.

The new cigar bar, which will be located in Center City, Philadelphia, above Holt's Cigar Co., will boast a cigar menu of more than 200 smokes, including two signature cigars available only at the establishment: Ashton Crown and La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse. In addition, the bar—which will be open to the public—will feature a selection of more than 200 whiskies, 100 other assorted spirits, a classic (and modern) cocktail list, and a sizeable wine and beer selection.

"We've taken significant steps to make all of our guests feel welcome, even those who may not have ever set foot in a cigar bar before," said Robert Levin, founder of Ashton Cigars and owner of Holt's Cigar Co. "Our customized air purification system comes from the same manufacturer that provides systems for many of the country's top hospitals and casinos. Our goal is to keep the air crisp and clean at all times."

Ever since the city's only public cigar bar, Mahogany on Walnut, shuttered its doors last year, Philadelphia cigar smokers have been thirsting for a public bar where patrons can order a drink and enjoy a cigar. Ashton Cigar Bar is actually located in the same space Mahogany on Walnut was located, only it has been expanded and updated.

The new Ashton Cigar Bar was designed by New York City's award-winning Bentel & Bentel architectural firm. The new space features floor-to-ceiling front windows that allow light to flow all the way to the back of the establishment. A new, white marble bar invites patrons to linger while they watch two flat-screen TVs behind the bartender. A custom, three-dimensional wooden sculpture from local artist Michael P. Rocco depicting rolling tobacco fields will hang between the bar and humidor.

Look for more coverage of Ashton Cigar Bar on after it opens.

"Glad to hear a cigar bar is coming back. Looking forward to the experience. Nothing like enjoying a cigar while sitting in a bar and relaxing. Love BURN in Naples." —August 12, 2013 20:12 PM
"No opening date? My son lives seven blocks up Walnut. I never miss a chance to stop into Holt's when in town. I've been waiting for them to open this for nearly a year. GREAT news !" —August 7, 2013 22:27 PM
"I go there periodically and was told last year that the lease for Mahoganys' wasn't being renewed to make way for Ashton's Cigar Bar. It wasn't shuttered indiscriminately. The reason I say this is that the original place was very affordable and accessible to the common cigar smoker, we would even rent it out for local cigar parties at no charge...all we had to do was guarantee a certain amount of food & beverages were bought and that was very reasonable. Ashton Cigar Bars are a bit pricey on the liquor as the also cater to the upscale non-smoker. The cigar menu wasn't an issue at Mahogonys because all you have to do was go downstairs to grab your smoke of choice. If Ashtons CB enforces the use of their own cigar menu, then once again it gets very pricey. I look forward to the reviews from the patrons." —August 7, 2013 12:44 PM
"And it's located at 1524 Walnut Street!" —August 7, 2013 12:41 PM
"Kinda makes me wish I still lived in the Philly area." —August 6, 2013 17:23 PM