Andre Garcia Ludwig Briefcase

Remember the original multitasking attaché case carried by James Bond in From Russia with Love? Besides classified documents, it concealed 40 rounds of ammunition, a throwing knife, a tear-gas booby trap, a folding rifle and 50 gold sovereigns. While Andre Garcia’s Ludwig Briefcase doesn’t hide anything lethal, it will keep you well-armed for one passionate love affair: cigar smoking.

Anyone can stuff a box of Cohibas into a men’s satchel and call it a cigar briefcase, but Andre Garcia has designed a leather handbag dedicated specifically to smoking. And as well as serving as a humidor and containing compartments for
cigar accessories, the Ludwig possesses the style of an everyday case.

In other words, it’s not just gear for ’gar geeks, but a bag that someone could actually use outside of a cigar
convention. Understatement is part of its inherent beauty. Handsome hides, elegant stitching and antiqued brass hardware never scream “cigar bag!”

Even when it’s unzipped, the tools of the trade are discretely stored. Smartly positioned leather side pockets are sewn in for cutters and lighters while larger pockets can hold loose sticks or even five packs, but the distinguishing element here is the humidified case within the case. Much like a laptop holder, a removable pouch in the center of the bag will neatly store a box of cigars. Drop a Humidipak or other disposable humidification device in its inner mesh pocket and your bag
becomes a traveling humidor.

The Ludwig is not just limited to cigar transport, as it is also a fully functional attaché case with plenty of room for files and dossiers. The action on the hardware is smooth yet sturdy. Leather options range from brooding blacks (Italian Leather, shown) to warmer browns (Vintage Brown, shown), to cheery reds and greens (Bavarian Leather). The case sells for $399 and for an extra $35, Andre Garcia will add initials.

The doctor’s bag look is subtle but stately and charmingly appropriate given the accoutrements it will hold—a perfect example of how fashion can allude to industry. Besides, physician style satchels are quite popular in the world of couture bags, so you end up being chic without looking like you’re trying. You can think of yourself as a cigar doctor going on house calls or a secret agent. Either way: SPECTRE beware.