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Andre Garcia Cigar Cases

When it comes to cigar cases, the Andre Garcia brand's guiding principle could be: one size does not fit all. After years of making cases stamped with the logos of other companies, Andre Garcia owner and founder Abhik Roy decided to come out from behind the scenes with his own label and unique philosophy for cigar storage in transit.

Because seasoned smokers know that the standard three-stick, medium-size cigar case doesn't suit every occasion, Roy has created a spectrum of sizes to accommodate anything from a short trip, for which you might like a solo smoke, to a party, at which you intend to offer cigars to all the guys. Striving for multiplicity, Andre Garcia crafts 1—, 2—, 4—, 5—, 6—, 8—, 10—, 16— and 20—finger cases, all available in a number of designs, leather grains, dimensions and colors, as well as widths and lengths.

Constantly tinkering with the awl and haft, Roy has fashioned 10 styles of cases since launching the brand three years ago and is planning to unveil two to three designs every year. "The cigar—case market for the last maybe 25 to 30 years were selling the same old designs," says Roy. "Real connoisseurs look for something different."

Among the singular options available through Andre Garcia are the Manhattan and Buffalo Horn collections. Manhattan cases feature a unique zipper—enclosed top (patent pending) as an alternative to the typical leather case from which the top simply slides off. Buffalo Horn cases showcase multihued, sinewy caps made from the horny appendages to the aforementioned beasts.

The cases, which range from $25 to $150, all have hard—sided construction and are lined with cedar.

Until the creation of the Andre Garcia line in 2003, Roy and his artisans toiled in relative anonymity, making cases that carried the brand names of other companies at his 25,000—square—foot, 75—craftsman factory in Calcutta, India. While the family—owned ancestral—home—turned—workshop fashioned cases that were sold by respected retailers and cigar companies, both in the United States and Europe, the company was known only to industry insiders. The wide selection and high quality of the Garcia line should change all that.

Visit www.andregarciacases.com.