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…And What Does This Remote Do?

Does the ultimate remote control, a) change the TV channel, b) have supplemental buttons for DVD and VCR or c) coordinate surround sound with stereo player? Answer: none of the above. The ultimate remote commands your bar and humidor to rise majestically from a mahogany cabinet.

Wesley Bober takes that instrument of sloth responsible for the extra measure of indentation on your den recliner and puts it to use directing a variety of opulent pieces that he calls motion furniture. Suddenly, you're elevated from couch potato to a rec room James Bond (or at least Otter from Animal House), who controls all things with a click of a button. Your bar set magically reveals itself or a small chest of drawers transforms into an entertainment unit complete with a television rising from the top. In the boudoir, this little control freak changes a bed frame into the epitome of extravagance as a plasma TV rises from the foot board, stereo-surround speakers ascend from the bedposts, and a small bar elevates from the night table.

The furniture, which ranges in price from $5,500 to $55,000, leans toward the ultra-decorative. For instance, the Oxford cabinet from the Georgian Collection features the neoclassical style of architect Robert Adam from England's Georgian era in the early 1700s. The cabinet is made of birch, mahogany, walnut, black oak, sycamore and other wood veneers. The hinges and latches are solid brass. The bar-top finish is stain-resistant polyester. More importantly, the remote control is user-friendly.

The full 42-inch screen of the plasma TV comes into view surrounded by speakers on either side and atop the set. The DVD, amplifier, sub woofer and cable connection are all built in. Two free-standing speakers complete the Dolby 5+1 surround-sound system. The locking front cabinet doors hide an all-crystal bar set, fully equipped with white and red wineglasses, whiskey glasses, decanter, tray, champagne bucket and ice bucket. The cabinet's upper drawer opens to reveal your stereo. The locking built-in humidor (available upon special request) is at the ready.

Martini, Mr. Bond?

For more information contact Wesley Bober at 888/222-3694.