Cigar Aficionado

An Elegant Humidor from Dunhill

If you fashion yourself a gentleman, the Thuya Humidor from Alfred Dunhill may be ideally suited to your style. Sporting the subtle grace and detail of an English patrician, it does not shout out with loud colors and ostentatious marquetry. Instead, this old chap looks right at home in an oak-paneled study, perhaps next to a lit fireplace and an overstuffed leather chair.

The veneered exterior is made of Thuya wood, an exotic relative of the cedar family, carved specifically from the burls, which are outgrowths on the tree's roots. Like a pattern of small eyes, or even cheetah fur, the knots in the burl display an attractive grain, compliments of Mother Nature. The colors, subtle hues of golden brown and red, can vary from piece to piece, and are complemented nicely by the accessories, which are plated in nickel.

The lining is made of untreated mahogany, which imparts a pleasant leathery odor, rather than the typical (and spicier) scent of Spanish cedar. The humidor comes equipped with a Dunhill humidity control system, which is produced in collaboration with Credo.

The Dunhill Thuya humidor comes in 50, 100 and 200 cigar capacity, and retails for $1,010. They are available at Alfred Dunhill dealers. For more information, call 1-800-776-4053.