Cigar Aficionado

An Ashtray of a Different Color

No matter what color your smoking room is, Alec Bradley Cigar Co. will try to match it to an ashtray.

When choosing an ash receptacle, even the most macho of aficionados thinks about how it will look on his table. Alec Bradley, owners of the three-sided Trilogy cigar brand, commissioned Bram Warren, an artist and ceramics maker in South Beach, Miami, to design and make the colorful pieces. Each ashtray is hand-cast and glazed by the artist in one of 26 different color schemes ranging from deep blues to vibrant oranges in an array of textures and combinations.

The ashtrays come in two sizes. The Conference, a three-cigar tray, is available in 16 color motifs. The Executive, a single-cigar ashtray, is available in 10. They all have theme names such as Emerald Pool, Calypso Fire, Night Sky and Autumn Leaf.

According to a company press release, the collection was designed to "harmonize with different decor in homes, offices and other settings where cigar and art connoisseurs congregate." So chances are, no matter how eccentric your tastes in home decor, these trays can match it.

The ashtrays sell for $45 apiece and are available at retailers nationwide.