Cigar Aficionado

An Ashtray for Your Armchair

When you're kicking back on a Sunday watching football, you don't want to be getting up every other minute, so it's important to keep the necessary items within reaching distance. You know what they are: food, beer and cigars. Of course, you'll also need to keep your cigar accessories handy, and the Armchair Ashtray from Oshkosh Cigar Accessories Ltd. is ideal for the job.

As the name suggests, the Armchair Ashtray hangs over the arm of your recliner similar to a saddlebag. The bottoms are weighted to keep it in place and the ashtray detaches to make it easy to empty it of ashes. Made of black leather, the Armchair Ashtray also has a pouch for keeping a lighter and cutter accessible.

The Armchair Ashtray retails for $49.95. For more information, call Oshkosh Cigar Accessories at 920-235-3755.