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Altadis Releases 11-year-old, Limited-Edition Romeo Y Julieta

Altadis Releases 11-year-old, Limited-Edition Romeo Y Julieta

What's been aged for 11 years, comes in an 11-count box and costs $11? The answer is the Romeo y Julieta Reserve Rare 11 Years Old. The name is a mouthful, but according to Altadis USA, the makers and distributors of the brand, these cigars have been aging for 11 years. That's distinctly different than a cigar made with 11-year-old tobacco. In this case, the tobaccos have been rolled into a finished cigar and allowed to marry in an aging room for more than a decade. Now that the 11-year nap is over, the cigars are ready to be smoked.

The blend is made up of a Havana 2000 wrapper from Honduras, Honduran binder and a filler combination of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco. The cigars were produced in Honduras at Altadis's Flor de Copan factory and come in only one size: a 5 3/4 inch by 48 ring gauge corona gorda.

Continuing on the theme of 11, only 11,000 cigars were made, or 1,000 boxes total. One might think, given the theme, that these cigars will be released on November 11 (11/11), but that's not the case. While the cigars are available now in a few retail shops, the major shipments are slated to hit most retailers in mid-September .

As for any mystical connotations regarding the number 11, Altadis doesn't recommend reading too much into it. They're cigarmakers and distributors, not numerologists.