Cigar Aficionado

Almost Nirvana

While Dave Savona was in danger of getting blown off the beach on Saturday night, I was sitting in my dry, warm den eating burgers and potato salad, chatting with four golfing buddies (the same crew who went to West Palm Beach with me in February, plus a mutual friend) and watching the U.S. Open from Torrey Pines. I had a La Flor Domincana Lancero going, and the rest of the guys were working their way through Padróns of various types. I was on my third or fourth glass of a 2004 Burgundy from Louis Jadot and savoring every sip.

How about that for a Plan B? The original plan was a big table on the back patio for all 13 of us (wives, girlfriends and a couple of offspring included), and a very relaxed backyard cookout under the stars that was destined to be finished off with cigars. The storms, which basically began about 2:30 p.m. and kept hitting well into the wee hours of the next morning, altered that plan. In retrospect, the original scenario did not include a TV screen, or viewing the U.S. Open non-stop for a couple of hours.

For better or worse, the dinner had quickly turned into a ladies’ room, the women all around our dining table, and a men’s room, where we were watching every swing, and listening to Johnny Miller create more controversy and getting away with it. As the food disappeared and wine bottles started emptying, I realized that the cigar part of the evening was in jeopardy. The den doubles as my wife’s office, and out of respect for her, I usually don’t smoke in there very often, and certainly not with four guys all lighting up at once.

But I asked her anyway, and she said, “Sure, go ahead. I don’t mind.” I walked back in the den and asked, “Anyone want a cigar?” The looks of amazement and the “in here?” bounced off the walls. I said, "yup." I didn’t need to repeat the offer. We lit up, and enjoyed the next 45 minutes of the tournament, including Tiger’s incredible eagle putt on 18.

I will say the den had a pretty strong aroma the next morning, but thanks to my can of Ozium, and the windows open wide, the lingering cigar smoke smells had faded by Monday morning. But the memories lingered on, especially with the jolt of Tiger’s incredible victory in the playoff on Monday.

"Is there anything better than a good meal, good wine, good golf and a great cigar on a Sunday afternoon-evening? Oh, just one....good football!" —June 18, 2008 22:58 PM