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Alexandria, Louisiana, Bans Smoking in Bars

Alexandria City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that extends the smoking ban to most public places within the city, including bars, sports arenas and convention halls, starting next year.

The new smoking ordinance is now a bit more strict than Louisiana’s state smoking ban, which restricts smoking only in restaurants.

Violators of the Alexandria ban, which goes into effect on January 2 of next year, can be fined anywhere between $100 to $500, depending on the offense.

Originally, the smoking ban ordinance was written in a way that would have prevented lighting up inside “retail tobacco businesses,” or cigar shops, as well as gaming facilities. These establishments were granted an exemption.

“The city’s expanded smoking ban will negatively impact bars, taverns and other small businesses. This is no time to put such establishments at risk as well as the jobs and tax revenues they provide,” said Bill Spann, chief executive officer of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association.

"The Green-Nazi movement is in full effect! This govenrment is heading into a plutocracy, and that's not good. We have to fight back." —October 11, 2011 21:54 PM
"Being that I am originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, I saw first hand how the smoking ban affected the restaurant business. There are alot of well known establishments that lost a ton of revenue from the ban. Keep in mind that statistically, Louisiana has more smokers than almost any other state. You do the math... This is going to further kill the Louisiana economy, especially if this goes state wide. " —October 7, 2011 08:35 AM
"My personal opinion aside, we have the same ban here in Pueblo, CO, and it has been successful. Most people don't even realize it anymore. There were some detractors, but overall the local night scene has actually improved, so I'mm told. We can still smoke in a "private club" type setting, cigar shop, etc." —October 6, 2011 20:35 PM
"Again, I'm left speechless." —October 6, 2011 18:26 PM
"I agree with Mr.Spann,at this time we do not need to hurt the small businesses in our country.I would think the powers that be would have more important things they could be working on." —October 6, 2011 17:48 PM