Adorini Vittoria Humidor

Adorini Vittoria Humidor

At some point in your cigar collecting crusade, you come to an impasse. Your tasteful desktop can no longer store your entire cigar collection, upright cabinets are space-consuming units, and building a walk-in humidor for yourself is enough of a hassle to cause shudders.

Enter the Adorini Vittoria, a large-capacity desktop with a centerpiece vibe and space for more than 500 of your favorite cigars, claims Adorini. (Manufacturers typically base humidor capacity on a corona-sized cigar, which is 5 1/4 to 6 inches by 38 to 45 ring gauge.)

Vibrant ebony veneer and a gold-plated finish on the lock and handles are eye-catching touches, but the centerpiece of this beefy unit is the glass half-lid that allows you to put your most impressive (and tantalizing) smokes on display. The tray height is adjustable, leaving space at the top for exotic cigar shapes, or space in the bottom for two or three small boxes. In fact, it was able to store three to four small boxes of 25 without much cramming.

As far as performance goes, the Vittoria does a fine job. This humidor endured several weeks of dry heat—tough conditions for any humidor. It performed like a champ, requiring only monthly humidification replenishments. The seal was tight, and the weight of the glass-laden lid made sure that it still fit snugly into place.

Air channels along the floor and walls of the humidor keep the humidity circulating so that there's even distribution and no cigars dry out because they're unlucky enough to be at the bottom. The air channel concept isn't an entirely new one, but Adorini takes it one step further, creating movable divider slats of cedar with plastic labels so you can organize and catalogue by size, year, brand or whatever your ideal system may be.

With the addition of the company's Cigar Heaven humidification device, a lot of the guesswork is taken out of the relative humidity equation. Internal workings include an electronic humidity rig with, among other things, sensors, alarms and a ventilating fan. The unit runs off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts weeks between charges.

At about $900, it's certainly an investment, but one that eliminates a lot of guesswork, adds a lot of capacity, and leaves more time for enjoying all those cigars.

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"I bought myself an Adorini Venezia Deluxe model, it is much smaller than this one (capacity 75 cigars) but what I can say is that it is beautifully made and works perfectly. It is a real pleasure just to watch it and when you open it the scent of Spanish cedar together with the cigars is just perfect. Humidifier works great, there was no need for any adjustments. Adorini is a good choice." —September 24, 2013 08:22 AM