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Adorini Travel Humidor Cedro

Adorini Travel Humidor Cedro
Photo/Jeff Harris

Long gone are the days where all men traveled in style. Some may have ditched their sport coats and loafers to jet-set in sweatshirts and flip-flops, but that doesn't mean cigars should have to slum it. These are handmade indulgences—crafted with excruciating attention to detail—so why would you choose to encase them in a travel humidor that has the aesthetic appeal of a Tupperware container?

That's why humidor crafters like Germany's Adorini create scaled-down versions of larger designs. Its Travel Humidor Cedro ($121) is made especially for on-the-go use. Adorini's Cedro collection strays from the lacquered finishes found on most humidors, instead using a natural Spanish cedar veneer. Most cigar smokers know Spanish cedar for its appealing aroma and ability to hold moisture, which make it a popular choice for humidor linings. The Cedro humidor also takes advantage of the wood's low density and resistance to weathering with an exterior that is lightweight and durable—ideal features in a travel humidor.

But one does not create a functioning travel humidor simply by downsizing. Subtle reinforcements must be made for extra protection and accessibility. On the outside, Adorini has added a gold-plated button lock that ensures a firm seal and obviates the key-lock feature present on the larger Cedro designs.

Open the humidor and you will find two snug foam inserts designed to keep your cigars in place during transit. The inserts can hold 13 cigars—one mold fits eight cigars vertically, the other holds five longer smokes horizontally. While some travel humidors employ foam padding in a way that significantly restricts space, the Adorini humidor has some added depth to the inside lid, so both inserts can be used at the same time.

Should you no longer require the reinforcements once you've arrived at your destination or if you fancy a certain vitola that doesn't fit the mold (some long and thin cigars don't), simply remove them and place your cigars directly on the cedar interior. Without the foam inserts, the capacity is roughly 12 to 15 cigars, depending on size.

The Travel Humidor Cedro measures 10 1/4 by 7 1/4 inches, with a depth of about 1 1/4 inches. It's the smallest in the Cedro collection, which has three other sizes with capacities between 30 and 150 cigars.