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Adorini Hair Hygrometer

Adorini Hair Hygrometer

We know you love that desktop humidor. The fine wood and polished finish are a point of pride, and the smokes you keep inside give you a modest amount of bragging rights whenever you proudly offer one to a guest. Sometimes, though, that hygrometer reminds you a little too much of that alarm clock you had back in the ‘90s—the one that was shaped like a football and played that early morning radio show you grew to loathe.

Back then, you were keeping your cigars in Tupperware, so a plastic hygrometer was fine. Now it’s time to upgrade to a finely made instrument to take care of your finely made cigars.

The Adorini Hair Hygrometer eschews the digital readouts of most modern hygrometers and opts instead for a classic look, presenting a circular face encased in naval-instrument brass. No, it doesn’t have a clock. But when was the last time you checked your humidor instead of your watch? The entire face measures about three inches in diameter and about an inch-and-a-half thick with a magnet on the back. And it’s competitively priced; the Adorini Hair Hygrometer retails for about $39.99.

While the Adorini piece is a hair hygrometer, it uses a synthetic hair produced exclusively for the company. The result is that the accuracy is close to that of a standard hair hygrometer, but without the high-maintenance upkeep and replacement that can come from such a sensitive product.

We tested two Adorini analog hygrometers in two different humidors, and a third was bagged separately with a calibrated humidification pillow and checked for accuracy. In all cases, the hygrometer performed accurately and with precision to within a degree of the actual relative humidity.

The performance is impressive, especially given that the unit comes precalibrated and ready to go. It’s a great option for precision, elegance, and simplicity—everything that a cigar smoker values.

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