Adorini Black Slate Deluxe L Humidor

Adorini Black Slate Deluxe L Humidor

Adorini has released another entry into the world of unique humidors: the Black Slate Deluxe L, featuring slate veneer wrapped around a Spanish cedar interior.

The mechanics and storage include a gold-plated analog hygrometer and acryl-polymer humidifier, standard with most Adorini systems. We've always found these pieces to be reliable and accurate. The Slate's craftsmanship and seal performed well, too, with the unit maintaining 70 percent relative humidity, despite dry winter conditions.

The Slate's tray is removable and adjustable, and the humidor's air-channel base and sidewalls ensure that humidified air reaches all corners of the interior.

As for the look of the slate, it's actually considerably more versatile than any exotic wood grain, as it looks equally good on glass and metal tabletops, while still finding a home on leather and wood surfaces. There's no lock or knob to allow for lifting the lid, so the humidor's finish blends fairly seamlessly and gives it a slightly edgy, monolith vibe—think 2001: A Cigar Odyssey.

An unintentional advantage of slate, too, is that your humidor becomes a scratchpad. Grab a piece of chalk and use it to keep track of the last time you filled the humidification device, or make your friends leave IOUs when they forget to bring their own smokes. Make a list of cigars for the next trip to a tobacconist, or, should you be so bold, let your kids go wild with some sidewalk chalk.

Obviously taking chalk to the finish undermines the classy look Adorini has crafted with this piece, but that unexpected versatility makes this more of a business casual humidor, fit for both a mahogany desk or next to the pool table.

For about $500, the price is a little steep for smaller storage (about 150 cigars in our estimation). But, as this is a limited edition, it adds a special nuance to owning one, if the construction and style aren't already enough.