A Year To Remember

Handmade Cigar Imports Reached More Than 450 Million Units In 2021, The Best Year Since The 1990s
| By David Savona | From Gambling Guide, May/June 2022
A Year To Remember
It’s a little past noon on a warm, cloudy February day in Orlando, Florida. On Sand Lake Road—about a 12-minute drive from the mouse madness at Walt Disney World—is the original outpost of Corona Cigar Co., a cigar megastore. Instead of hiding in a back room, all its inventory is out on display, in aisle after aisle of cigar paradise. From Fuentes to Padróns, Olivas to Montecristos, cigars of all shapes, sizes colors and price points are basking in the humidified air, waiting to be cut and lit. A Rolls Royce is parked out front, eye candy for the customers who sit at the outdoor tables puffing away in peace. Each table seats a smoker—or several smokers—and there’s a …
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