A Unique Wooden Ashtray

How many times have you been enjoying a cigar with more than two or three friends and found that when you go to lay down your cigar, every available slot in the ashtray is taken? Of course, you could run off and find another ashtray, but in the midst of entertaining, who even remembers where the extras are or if they've been cleaned from last time you used them? Even then you still have the chance your guests will forget which ashtray they've been using and which cigars are theirs.

Cyril Brizard has come up with up the perfect solution: the Deck ashtray. Your first reaction to this ashtray will probably fall somewhere between "what the heck is this?" and "what will they think of next?"—but essentially it is a nifty way to handle several cigars at once.

The Deck seems like any other ashtray, except that instead of slots for your cigar, it has small, X-shaped wooden holders that stand on the large wooden deck surrounding the black marble ash receptacle in the middle. Rather than your cigars being dumped together in the bowl, they each stand alone on the deck, which can comfortably hold about 10 at a time on the large model.

Brizard's vision is that the ashtray resembles a wooden deck with a marble pool in the center. The holders are meant to resemble directors' chairs sans the canvas seat. The real genius in this design, however, is hidden. Under the wood on the top of the Deck ashtray, is a steel plate, and the small cigar holders have magnets on each of the two feet to keep them firmly attached to the deck. They can be moved with a firm tug, but even if you turn the ashtray upside down, the holders stick to the deck. The steel plate also makes the ashtray quite stable because the extra weight gives it a nice heft. The sides are covered in fine, black leather so it is quite attractive on any table.

The Deck ashtray comes in two wood styles. The zebrawood model, has a retail price of $99. An ebony macassar version costs $130. The ashtray comes with three holders, but more can be purchased.