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A Tale of 2 Cigar Families

Fuente and Padrón, two of the most lauded cigar companies in the world, have joined together on a special project
| By David Savona | From A Tale Of Two Families, September/October 2022
A Tale of 2 Cigar Families
Photo/Ben Van Hook
Like so many great ideas, the plan to combine the cigarmaking talents of the Fuente and Padrón families began over whisky and cigars. Carlos Fuente Jr., the man who runs Arturo Fuente, was visiting the Miami office of Jorge Padrón, his friend and competitor. It was early in 2020, and the two men lit up cigars. After the Scotch was poured, the two raised their glasses in honor of their fathers, men who had died not so long before, men who had run Fuente and Padrón before their sons.  As they spoke, an unusual idea was born: what if these two companies worked together to make cigars honoring their fathers, cigars that would be sold in the same box, the two names …
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