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A Summer Night Saved

Dinner was raucous, a gathering of friends on a terrace overlooking the 18th green at Sleepy Hollow Country Club. We were all enjoying a great buffet dinner. A beautiful California Chardonnay from Grgich Hills and an excellent Merlot from Franciscan graced the table, and the bottles needed to be replaced more than once. From a couple of nearby tables, I could smell the sweet aroma of cigars. At least four or five people had lit up after dinner, and I knew it was going to be one of those nights for me too.

But I suddenly realized that the bag room was closed for the night, and my cigars for the day were in my golf bag. I ran up to the pro shop, and luckily, two assistant pros were still inside. They had stayed late (it was already after 9 o’clock on a Sunday night) to work on a big outing that was scheduled for the next day. I banged politely on the door, and sheepishly asked if one of them could let me into the storage room to get my cigars. They both smiled, and in short order, I had my cigars and headed back to the terrace.

The sunset was turning the sky into a vivid palette of pinks and purples, laced with some low dark clouds sitting over the Hudson River. A fireworks display from a community fair in a nearby village had a strobe-like effect on horizon. The air was still warm, and there was just a hint of a breeze. I offered the cigars to my friends. 

We quickly lit up, and we all sat there past 10:30 smoking, laughing and enjoying the last wisps of the fading sun out over the Hudson.  Even though I was smoking a lancero, I kept at it until the cigar was ready to burn my knuckles.

Have any of you had a special night this summer when your cigar transformed the evening into something special?

"I'd like to think that adding a cigar to cap off an evening transforms any night during any season, but I know what you mean. A recent example of this occured just last week as my wife and I travelled to Jamaica with my brother in law, his girlfriend, my mother in law and my stepfather in law.Perhaps some would look at this and say "sounds like a recipe for disaster" but I am blessed with a great family. My passion for cigars has inspired my brother in law and virtually every night, we ended an evening of fine food and great entertainment with some fine Cuban cigars. I take pride in having the ability to expand my brother in law's knowledge of cigars and discussing the differences and subtilties of a Cohiba Siglio III versus a Montecristo #2 enjoyed earlier in the day while playing golf was a really enriching experience.Rarely do I refer to him as my brother in law. Although he looks nothing like me (I am very Italian looking, he is very Nordic looking) he is definitely "my brother"." —July 24, 2007 17:15 PM