A New, Snarkier Punch Coming In Weeks

Fans of the Honduran-made Punch cigar, and its mischievous mascot, Mr. Punch, have a new line to look forward to next month. It's called the Punch Signature, and it brings back some distinct, vintage design elements first seen on the brand when it debuted in the 1800s.

While the label and box incorporate original typefaces found on early versions of the brand, the cigar band features an image of Mr. Punch and his dog Toby on the back.

Little information is available about Punch Signature at the moment: Boxes of the new Punch Signature have an acrylic window and will hold 18 cigars. And the cigars are being made in Honduras. That's all the information that General is releasing at this time. But in an effort to pique curiosity and reacquaint cigar smokers with Mr. Punch, brand owner General Cigar has enlisted the wise-cracking hand puppet himself as spokesperson for the new launch. He'll be giving weekly updates online as we get closer to the March 2 release date.

Fans are invited to be part of this online Punch-and-Judy show by sending in photos of themselves to signature.punchcigars.com. Submissions will then be posted online along with Mr. Punch's colorfully sarcastic comments of each snapshot. They can also be submitted via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Smokers will be hit over the head with more details like blend specifics, sizes and prices as the launch date approaches.

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