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A New Men's Lifestyle Magazine

By Marvin R. Shanken | From Premier Issue, Autumn 92
A New Men's Lifestyle Magazine

To launch a new magazine in 1992 calls for a stiff drink and a fine cigar.

I must confess at the outset, however, that the force inside me is so strong that I have abandoned conventional business wisdom. I acted solely on my publishing instinct, and the passion I hold for the subject of this new publication.

I've dreamed for more than a decade about creating a magazine for cigar lovers. But it was during a visit to Cuba in the fall of 1991, while "on assignment" to write a cover story for The Wine Spectator, that I realized I could wait no longer. I decided then and there to make the dream a reality.

The response to CIGAR AFICIONADO to date has been extraordinary. I had never realized that cigar lovers were so starved for information. Inside this magazine, you'll discover new facts and secrets about cigars: how they're made, who makes them and which brands are the best. In each issue we'll also report on our editors' blind taste tests which will rate cigars from around the world based on their quality.

CIGAR AFICIONADO is about taste. But it is not limited to the taste of a great smoke. This magazine intends to awaken and explore many of the pleasures that drive successful men.

Men like you want to know about great resorts for special vacations, as well as the world's best restaurants where fine food and wines are matched with well-stocked humidors. You want to understand men's drinks--Cognac, Scotch, vintage Port and fine wine. Here, you will find insights into these potions of pleasure, as well as specific recommendations unlike those found in any other magazine.

CIGAR AFICIONADO will also explore collectibles, unique trips, emerging hobbies, gambling, fashion and new ideas, in a style different, we believe, from any other men's magazine. Our editors will travel the world, making every effort possible to turn you on.

CIGAR AFICIONADO may not be for every man. But we do dream about creating a very special magazine for the individual who wants the very most out of life. If you share that desire, welcome. This magazine is for you.

Very truly yours,

Marvin R. Shanken
Editor and Publisher

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