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A New Dew from Tullamore

Tullamore Dew is introducing a limited-release, 10-year-old Irish whiskey that will fill a niche between its standard and 12-year-old versions. Set to hit stores in winter, it will have a U.S. allotment of 900 cases.

The new blend, called Tullamore Dew 10 Years Old Reserve ($35), uses a mix of Spanish and American oak casks and a healthy component of pot-stilled whiskeys, which is also true of the 12-year-old ($23). Accordingly, the result is a taste profile much more full- bodied than the famously light standard Tullamore Dew ($23, no age statement) and closer to the full-bodied 12-year-old ($39).

As are most Irish whiskeys, standard Tullamore Dew is very smooth, delicate and sweet, but without the floral notes so common to other such drams. The extra aging in both the 10- and 12-year-old gives each a more full-bodied buttery character. Like its 12-year-old relative, the new whiskey has components of candy and spice, but not the Christmas pudding notes of the older quaff.

Tullamore Dew dates to 1829, when it was born in west central Ireland, in Tullamore, Count Offaly. The whiskey is now made by Midleton Distillery in County Cork as are many Irish whiskeys. Of the three largest Irish brands (with Jameson's and Bushmills), it is the only one owned by an Irish parent company, C&C International (Cantrell & Cochrane), which also distributes Magnus cider, Frangelico and Carolans Irish Cream.


Appearance: light but leggy, champagne to amber color

Nose: candy and vanilla, maple, Bourbon barrel

Palate: hard candy, savory maple candy

Very sweet finish

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