Cigar Aficionado

A Memorable Match

Imagine, if you would, that you have found the perfect woman. Not only does she tolerate your cigar smoking, she revels in it. She can pronouce the word ligero and pick Hendrik Kelner from a lineup. To her, guillotines aren't for French queens, but for cigars; pigtails are not a hair style, but a fancy way to finish a cap. In short, you've found a keeper.

Now she's coming over for dinner.

Your humidor is full, the marble ashtray is ready, but you want something special to light her cigar. She's seen each of your lighters, so you search for something different -- and find it in a book of Zino Giant Matches.

These are more like wooden spills than matches. Half a foot long, they make a fat, long flame when struck and last long enough to light the thickest of cigars. Unlike traditional cedar spills, they won't drop slivers of ash over your beloved as you light her double corona. And they even have a message of inspiration from Zino Davidoff on the inside cover.

A book of 20 matches retails for $1.85 at Davidoff of Geneva shops and select cigar stores.