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A Lovely Fuente and Other New Cigars

I know it won’t be easy to get sympathy here, but sometimes I have a hard job. And my job is never tougher than when it comes time to get info on new cigars from the Fuentes.

Now the Fuentes are great people, and Carlos Fuente Jr. and Wayne Suarez are dear friends of mine. But they just don’t release new cigars all that often, and when they do they don’t really want to talk about them. When I went to their booth the other day with James Suckling, I felt a little like a White House reporter trying to get information from a Bush administration press secretary. We talked about our families, we talked about our lives, but what about the new cigars?

Finally I saw something—a red, heart shaped cigar box under glass. Hmmm. Next to it was a mini-box of perfectos that looked like big Short Stories. Hmmm. With Fuente Fuente OpusX bands, and a secondary band reading 2006. Hmmm! What’s that? I asked. Turns out it’s a new size of Fuente Fuente OpusX called Love Story. Carlito originally made it for his parent’s 55th wedding anniversary. I was able to twist his arm and get him to talk about it while Suckling filmed. Check it out.

Carlito said it will probably be out for the holidays. I didn’t get a chance to smoke one, but I hope to soon. Fuente makes incredible shaped cigars, so I’m sure this will be something to remember. (And they actually have some other new smokes coming out. I'll explain fully in upcoming issues of Cigar Insider.)

I did smoke another My Father cigar from Pepin Garcia, when Suckling and I sat down with him and his son, Jaime. This was one of the best cigars of the show, hands down. Pepin showed me the My Father Lancero, which has a short pigtail. I’ve never seen a cigar in Nicaragua with this level of construction. It’s made with tobacco from his own farm, which is new.

After we smoked and talked a bit, Pepin picked up some tobacco and showed us the pros and cons of the two major methods of making cigars. Suckling filmed it, so I’ll let him describe it in his upcoming blogs.

For you fans of pressed cigars, Litto Gomez introduced his Factory Press 3. This monster smoke is 6 1/4 inches by 58 rings, with a heart of Dominican tobacco (all of it grown on Litto’s La Canela farm) and a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. “It’s very complex,” said Litto, “and full bodied.” He’s only making 400 boxes, each of which holds 120 cigars, so the full run is 48,000 smokes. Suggested retail will be about $14 per stick.

Full bodied seems to be the word of the show—lots of strong cigars here. But most of them are really good, which is a blessing. Tomorrow I’ll share a little more.