Cigar Aficionado

A Garage for Your Cigars?

The garage is a place where a man can be a man. While your wife may think it?s all just a bunch of unorganized junk, you know that in one way or another, everything stored there has a purpose. The Ci-Garage is a different kind of storage area, but just like your garage at home, the services it provides are invaluable. Invaluable to a cigar smoker, that is.

From California-based Bryer Enterprises, this sleek case is made for the cigar smoker on the go and geared towards those times when you can?t finish a cigar, but wouldn?t think of throwing it out. The Ci-Garage features a special heat-resistant compartment that allows you to save your unfinished cigar until you have time to light it up again. The Ci-Garage also contains a number of other handy items. There is a guillotine cutter that attaches magnetically to the inside of the case, a compartment for storing matches, and even a small, stainless-steel ashtray that can be removed.

Manufactured in the United States, the Ci-Garage is available in several colors and can be personalized with company names and logos. It retails for $24.99. For more information, call 877-862-1942.