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A Can of Cohibas

First in cardboard, now in a can, the Cuban Cohiba Mini is now offered in a limited-edition tin of 50 cigars. The Cuban cigarillos, which usually come in flip-top cartons of 20 cigars, is made by machine using short filler tobacco. According to Habanos S.A., the global exporter of Cuban cigars, the mini versions are made with the same tobacco used on large, handmade Cohibas.

Unlike the Mini's standard pocket-size box, the tin seals tightly for freshness, prolonging the life of the cigarillos.

This can of Cohiba Minis is available in markets where cigarillos and smaller cigars are popular. Prices vary from country to county, but one can expect to pay 31.50 Euros in Italy (about $45), a prime market for this release.