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A Boring Partagas

A buddy of mine from Hong Kong, Thomas Boherer, stayed a few days in Tuscany at my house about a month ago and he was nice enough to leave a few cigars in my humidor. I am not completely sure of their age. But it seemed a current production smoke. They were big, burly ones too – a Partagas Salomones.

This is not the legendary Salomones, or perfecto/figuerado, that was made in 1996 in 100 humidors of 50 smokes. It was something made now or a few years ago.

In any case, I fired one up while I was watching a movie with my son the other night at home. I was looking forward to the spicy, earthy and rich character of a great Partagas. Unfortunately, the cigar didn’t deliver. It was rather mild with creamy, tobacco and tea character. It was even slightly weedy, or straw-like. It was a good smoke but nothing special. 86 points.

It’s funny, but big boring smokes can be real disappointments. I guess it’s because they are so big and beautiful that you expect more out of them than a small one. Anyway, I smoked it for about a half and hour and just put it down and let it go out. Why smoke a boring cigar?

"Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Partagas 10th Aniv Salomones I. A company in the UK is offering these for sale, and I am thinking of treating myself to a handful. Are they worth the price ($60 US each)?" —June 23, 2007 13:35 PM
"James, I agree. Life is too short to pass your time smoking a cigar that doesn't deliver. It would be no different than continuing to listen to music you don't like or continuing to eatisomething that doesn't suit you taste. It nice to see that you don't think all Cubans are great. Thanks for the story. " —June 14, 2007 22:44 PM
"This was exactly my impression of a recent-vintage Lusitania. Not a bad cigar, necessarily, but nothing special. It certainly didn't live up to its beautiful appearance or pedigree. No spice, no richness. I found it a little papery and flat, and ultimately disappointing. " —June 14, 2007 17:47 PM