50 Years a Factory

50 Years a Factory
Photos/Peter Garritano
The two Javiers in the aging room—Javier Elmudesi (left) and Javier Estades—inspect finished, handmade cigars.
The home of Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and so many other brands is among the largest cigar factories in the world
You’d think the largest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic—perhaps the largest in the world—would have at least a bit of ornamentation on its façade: A series of arches to underscore importance. Columns to project power. Or maybe even decorative ironwork to show prosperity. But Tabacalera de Garcia, located just outside the Casa de Campo resort complex of La Romana, Dominican Republic, doesn’t boast any particular architectural style. The exterior is as nondescript and free of affect as any building you’d find in an industrial park in the United States. If not for the sign outside the security gate, you’d have no idea that you were standing in front of one of the …
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