50 Factories In The U.S. That Still Make Cigars

50 Factories In The U.S. That Still Make Cigars
Courtesy/J.C. Newman
A roller inside the J.C. Newman cigar factory, located in Tampa's historic Ybor City.

In 1895—when steel magnates, financiers and railroad tycoons ruled America’s Gilded Age—there were around 42,000 cigar factories in the United States, with 300 in Cleveland alone. Even far-flung cities like Davenport, Iowa had a thriving cigar industry. At the time, there were so many people rolling cigars in this country that cigarmakers had their own union.

Today, it’s quite rare to see a cigar factory in the U.S. And if you live in a flyover state, you probably won’t find any at all. Regardless of this sad fact, we managed to find 50. 

After some research, we put together a list of 50 places in the U.S. that are still sourcing tobacco and rolling their own smokes by hand, day in and day out. Some are very small, modest operations with only one or two rollers making a house brand for locals. Others are famous, places like J.C. Newman, El Rey de Los Habanos, Aganorsa Leaf and El Titan de Bronze, responsible for producing nationally distributed brands. A number of the locations on this list even produce handmade cigars that are highly rated by this magazine. 

As you might expect, the largest concentration of cigar factories today is in Florida, namely Tampa and Miami—areas where Cuban cigar rollers have been expatriating since Castro’s Revolution.

While 50 U.S. cigar factories is a far cry from 42,000, small operations like these still play a valuable part in keeping cigar culture alive. Should you find yourself in the vicinity of one of these factories, we encourage you to stop in, try a smoke and enjoy a piece of modern-day Americana. 


Willy Cigars


Cuban Cigar Factory (one roller), San Diego

Gran Havana Cigar Factory (two rollers), San Diego


Casa De Palma Cigar Co.


Cigar Factory Outlet (one roller, two days a week), South Norwalk

Connecticut Cigar Co. (one roller), Stamford

Photo of inside Aganorsa Leaf cigar factory in Miami, Florida.
Making cigars often means you get to smoke while you work. Inside the Aganorsa Leaf Miami cigar factory (formerly Tabacalera Tropical), a roller takes a puff of one of her handmade smokes. (Photo/Jeffery Salter)


Moore & BodeCoral Gables

Cigar Factory Social Club (one roller), Destin

Don Pablo CigarsFort Myers

Cuban Leaf Cigar FactoryKey West

The Original Key West Cigar Factory, Key West

Rodriguez Cigar Factory, Key West

Aganorsa Leaf Miami (formerly Tabacalera Tropical), Miami

Cuban Crafters, Miami

Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co., Miami

El Rey de Los Habanos, Miami

El Titan de Bronze is a boutique cigar fatory and shop Miami's Little Havana neighborhood.
El Titan de Bronze is a boutique cigar factory and shop located in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood.(Photo/Jeffery Salter)

El Titan de Bronze, Miami

Guantanamera Cigars, Miami

Havana Classic Cigar, Miami

Little Havana Cigar Factory, Miami

Cigar Factory Social Club (one roller), Pensacola

J.C. Newman, Tampa

JDV Hand Rolled Cigars, Tampa

La Faraona, Tampa

Long Ash Cigars, Tampa

Nicahabana Cigars, Tampa

Tabanero Cigars, Tampa

Ybor Cigar Plus, Tampa

Photo of J.C. Newman cigar factory.
Most of the cigars made in Tampa's J.C. Newman cigar factory are made on antique cigar machines, but some are rolled by hand.


Kentucky Gentleman Cigar Co.


Indio Cigar Factory (one roller)


Cigar Factory New Orleans


Boston Cigar Factory (no retail space, but sell their own brands online and do events)


En Fuego Cigars (one roller), Las Vegas

Ruiz Cigars, Sparks

New Jersey

Alvarez Cigars, Perth Amboy

Hoboken Cigars (one roller), Hoboken

Jimenez Tobacco, Newark

Rodriguez Puros Cigars, Jersey City

New York

D.P. Cigars, New York City (Manhattan)

La Casa Grande, New York City (Bronx)

Martinez Cigars, New York City (Manhattan)

Rosario Cigars LLC, New York City (Bronx)

Santiago Cigar FactoryRochester

North Carolina

Flor de America Cigar Factory

A cigar mold inside El Rey de Los Habanos, My Father Cigars' Florida cigar factory.
A cigar mold inside El Rey de Los Habanos, My Father Cigars' Florida cigar factory. (Photo/Jeffery Salter)


Ultimo Cigar Factory


Bobalu Cigar Co., Austin

El Cubano Cigar Factory, Houston

House of Cigars, Dallas


San Juan Cigar Co.

West Virginia

Stoney Creek Cigars

Know of any cigar factories in the United States that you don’t see here? Feel free to add it in our comments section.