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24K Gold Trophy Cigar

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Since, there is no award for the greatest cigar smoker in the world, sometimes you have to do yourself the honor and recognize all your accomplishments in the field of cigar smoking. After all, no one else can smoke with as much style, strength and loyalty as you. And like any other "award winner," you need a trophy. The 24K Gold Cigar from 1-800-I-Love-You Flowers and Gifts is the ultimate award to that cigar smoker you wish to honor or the cigar smoker who wishes to honor himself.

Encased in 24K gold, copper and nickel, the Gold Cigar is a hand-dipped rarity. It comes in a handmade walnut display box with a cushioned interior. The best part about the golden cigar is that under the metal is an actual cigar. If the trophy is sitting on your desk or in your study -- and you're hard up for a cigar with none to be found -- you can use it as an emergency ration. (We don't recommend it. And you really shouldn't cut it with your teeth.)

The golden cigar retails at $39.95 and can be purchased by calling 1-800-I-Love-You Flowers and Gifts.

"Is there any choices of flavor?" —July 3, 2014 17:46 PM