2011 Big Smoke Dates Announced

Mar 4, 2011
2011 Big Smoke Dates Announced

Tax Day, better known as April 15, will have a special meaning for cigar enthusiasts this year, for it’s the day tickets can first be purchased to the 2011 Big Smoke cigar celebrations in Las Vegas and New York.

Cigar Aficionado's 16th annual Las Vegas Big Smoke weekend is scheduled for October 28-30 and will be held at the Venetian Hotel & Casino for the sixth straight year. Expect two nights of luxe evening parties featuring tasty libations, world-class cuisine and, of course, cigarmakers passing out premium cigars.

Last year’s Big Smoke New York was held at the Pier 92 events center, which is located directly on the Hudson River, for the first time, and the cigar party will return there for 2011. Hundreds of The Big Apple’s most enthusiastic cigar smokers will gather at the pier on November 30.

Click here to read about all the fun at last year's Big Smoke Las Vegas weekend.

"Hey everyone, I see alot of comments about the LV Big Smoke but nothing about the NY one? I was thinking of attending a little help would be appreciated." —October 19, 2011 20:11 PM
"My 2 sons and I attended the big smoke in Vegas 2010. The food drink and cigars were "top shelf" however, I was very disappointed in the available seating for Saturday's event. I would estimate only one chair was available for every two people. It is extremely difficult to carry a paper plate,eat, hold a drink and a bag of great cigars while standing. There were alot of people sitting on the floor which I thought could have been avoided with proper planning and certainly out of line given the cost of the ticket. The room was certainly large enough to accomodate more tables and chairs and since tickets were pre- sold the amount of attendees was not a surprise. I really would like to attend again this year and would appreciate your advice as to whether you intend to increase the seating capacity. Thanks very much " —August 1, 2011 11:43 AM
"You can order tickets to the event right here: " —May 31, 2011 09:52 AM
"Where can I get info and buy tickets to the Big Smoke event in LV?" —May 30, 2011 00:24 AM
"My son and I are registered for this year's LV Big Smoke, and I am really hyped up about it! He lives in AZ and I in PA.! So it is always great to have the opportunity to see him! But this year, as his guest, going with him to the Big Smoke will be one of the great high points of my life! " —May 15, 2011 15:52 PM
"Thanks for the update David. See you in Vegas!" —April 17, 2011 14:20 PM
"Our events department, which runs our Big Smokes, had to change the on-sale date after we wrote this story. Tickets for the Big Smoke Nwe York and Las Vegas are now scheduled to go on sale on APRIL 25. " —April 17, 2011 14:13 PM
"Same here - went on line to look for tickets and nothing was to be found. I don't want to miss out!" —April 16, 2011 22:23 PM
"Ok, it's April 16th and I am ready to buy my tickets to the Big Smoke Las Vegas 2011 but I can't find them anywhere on the CA site (nor on What gives? It's past April 15th. Had a great time last year and I'm ready to buy for 2011!" —April 16, 2011 21:11 PM
"Looking forward to the Big Smoke event at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas....been to the last two events and got to say for a cigar aficionado it doesnt get any better than being with other people who share the same passion. Great cigars, food, drink....3 hrs of pure pleasure ! Should last all day considering how mush it costs not just for the Big Smoke ticket but the cost of getting there and hotel expenses....event coordinator are you listening ? " —April 11, 2011 01:46 AM
"Absolutely the most fun 3 hours you will ever have. Went to my first one in Dallas 10 years ago and have been 3 times to Vegas. Food, fun, cigars. Coupon system makes it fair and fun. Venetian is the best. Marvin is the king!!!" —March 25, 2011 17:43 PM
"Please forward logistics and itinerary for Big Smoke New York City 2011. Thanks" —March 9, 2011 18:46 PM
"I would like to attend the NYC event. How can I get more info on cost, etc??" —March 8, 2011 10:00 AM
"Went to my first Big Smoke event last year 2010 and it was one of the best events I have ever been to. We even paid to stay at the Venetian which made me understand why people pay that much for a classy and luxurious room in Vegas! Simply beautiful. Great gourmet cuisine, the finest in liqueurs, and of course, all the BEST smoke you can handle. I got pictures with Carlito Fuente and Rocky Patel who were real pros about the fans, great guys. Can't wait for Big Smoke 2011!" —March 6, 2011 22:16 PM

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