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19th Hole Cigar Cutter

Humping too much gear on the golf course? Most golfers cart more equipment in their pants than the average infantryman. So it makes sense that Wenger S.A. of Switzerland, maker of the dependable Swiss Army Knife, has created a practical pocket-sized pal for a tour on the links. Enter the 19th Hole Cigar Cutter, which collects the ever-escalating pocket clutter.

The 19th Hole cutter can clip any ring-gauge cigar you tee up, but offers more than just slicing. The ultimate multitasker, it looks like the typical Swiss Army Knife -- the same classic red utility that got you through Boy Scouts and television's MacGyver out of a slew of tough scrapes. However, the crossed irons on the handle indicate the specialized contents folded within the 3 1/4-inch frame. It trades the wood saw, screwdriver, hook remover and metal file for a divot repair, shoe spike wrench and club face cleaner, and of course, a cupped cigar scissors with double-honed blades. It also includes the traditional large blade knife and nail file.

Wenger has been making the Genuine Swiss Army Knife and supplying the Swiss Army as well as customers around the globe since 1898. Currently, it is the only Swiss cutler licensed to feature the Swiss Crossbow. Other specialty knives provide tools for fishing, biking, skiing, hunting, hiking and camping.

Curiously, the 19th Hole cutter is missing a corkscrew and bottle opener, which, every golfer and cigar smoker knows, are also essential. Looks as if you'll have to ask the beverage cart girl to open your refreshments, but this does gives you a reason to talk to her. Yet another practical use.

The 19th Hole Cigar Cutter retails for $55 and can be purchased at your club pro shop, local sporting goods store or specialty tobacconist.

Call Wenger North America at 800-267-3577.