12 Smaller Cigars For Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2021 | By Chris Esposito
12 Smaller Cigars For Thanksgiving

It’s turkey time. Tomorrow, families will gather around the dinner table to break bread and give thanks for all the exceptional things in their lives. At Cigar Aficionado, one of those things is the enjoyment of premium, handmade cigars. That’s why we compiled a list of high-scoring, shorter cigars we can all be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Plus, they’re perfect for having in between meals—especially if you’re indulging in multiple smokes throughout the day.

Each of these cigars scored 89 points or higher in one of our blind tastings and measure no longer than 5 1/8 inches. You’ll find most of them are also on the thinner side, so you can smoke one between appetizers and the main event, or step out with a relative during the halftime show of the football games. Whenever you choose to smoke them, these are all delicious cigars that scored well in Cigar Aficionado within the past six months. So pass the gravy, don’t forget the lighter and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

H. Upmann Regalias

H. Upmann Regalias (93 Points, Cuba): A tin of five Regalias is ideal for sharing. The 5 1/8 inch Cuban cigars are a slim 42 ring gauge, making them a handy smoke you can burn outside while you’re in between appetizers and turkey time. Plus, the peppery core and finish make a nice addition to Thanksgiving classics. See full tasting note.

Illusione Ultra MK (93 Points, Nicaragua): While the name might make you think this cigar comes in a large vitola, the MK is a tidy 5 1/8 by 42, but it still packs a bit of a punch with a medium-to-full body and slightly spicy finish. With sophisticated notes of dark chocolate and marzipan—like that of an Austrian confection—this cigar might smoke best as a dessert, although we like it at any time of day. See full tasting note.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story (92 Points, Dominican Republic): The Short Story has long been one of the most popular short cigars on the market. Plus, it’s the only figurado on this list. Save for the Cameroon leaf wrapper, the tobacco of this little 4-by-49 perfecto is all Dominican. Once the burn gets past the narrow nipple foot, the cigar really opens up to show toasted almond, spice and wood along with hints of caramel and coffee. The finish resonates with chocolate and vanilla. See full tasting note.

Cohiba Siglo II

Cohiba Siglo II (92 Points, Cuba): This reddish-brown petit corona (5 1/8 by 42) might just be the perfect cold-weather, fireside smoke. The Cuban cigar imparts sweet, rich flavor reminiscent of s’mores with its layers of marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate. Although the Siglo VI gets the majority of attention for this Cohiba line, we find the smaller Siglo II to be just as great. See full tasting note.

Partagás Serie D. No. 6 (92 Points, Cuba): Don’t let its size fool you. The Serie D No. 6 might be only measure 3 1/2 by 50, but the oddly sized cigar is full of flavor and has a medium-to-full body. Floral and oaky at first, the sawed-off, short robusto picks up a peachy fruitiness along with a walnut note. There are also notes of strong, charry wood on the palate. See full tasting note.

Gran Habano Corojo No. 5 Lunch Break

Gran Habano Corojo No. 5 Lunch Break (91 Points, Honduras): The name speaks for itself. At just 4 1/2 by 40, the Corojo No. 5 Lunch Break is perfect for quick smoking in between meals—especially if you want one with some serious strength. A full-bodied petit corona, the majority of its blend consists of Nicaraguan tobaccos but a bit of Costa Rican filler lends to hints of licorice, a touch of bracing charcoal and a tangy, fruity finish. It also only costs $5.30, so you can pick up several with no worries. See full tasting note.

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Tres Mystique (91 Points, Dominican Republic): Immensely popular, the Ashton Virgin Sun Grown line is made by Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. of Arturo Fuente. Wrapped in Ecuadoran leaf grown in the cloudy foothills of the Andes mountains, the full-bodied VSG also gets much of its power from the ligero in the filler. The Trés Mystique is only 4 3/8 by 44, making it another quicker smoke you can finish in time for dessert, especially in potentially chilly weather. With its power, it might be worth saving this one for a pick-me-up after dinner. See full tasting note.

Olive Serie V No. 4

Oliva Serie V No. 4 (91 Points, Nicaragua): Blended with ligero leaf from Nicaragua’s Jalapa Valley, the Oliva Serie V No. 4 is an earthy, spicy little cigar that shows precise notes of walnut, espresso bean and briny olive. It’s an odd 4 inches even by 43 ring gauge, making it a manageable smoke you can probably puff in under an hour. It’s also just $7.10, so it’s not too harsh on the wallet. That’s something to be thankful for. See full tasting note.

Montecristo Media Corona (90 Points, Cuba): While this mini Monte is short and stubby (3 1/2 by 44) its slow, cool combustion keeps it going for just long enough to have pleasant conversation with a family member or friend. It imparts a light, woody smoke accompanied by floral and orange peel notes. It’s just the right size to start with—or to give you a quick escape from the table when the talk turns political. See full tasting note.

Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona

Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona (90 Points, Dominican Republic): Although it’s made in the Dominican Republic like most Davidoffs, this blend consists entirely of Nicaraguan tobaccos. Measuring 3 3/4 by 46, this is one of the shorter cigars on the market. Draped in an attractive milk-chocolate wrapper, its central note of hazelnut coffee is framed by leather, toffee and chocolate. See full tasting note.

Perla Del Mar Corojo Robusto (90 Points, Nicaragua): The Perla Del Mar or “Pearl of the Sea” was originally a Cuban brand that J.C. Newman brought back as an Ecuadoran-wrapped Nicaraguan smoke. The Corojo Robusto is the only box-pressed smoke on this list at 4 3/4 by a relatively chubby 52 ring gauge. It also has an intriguing flavor profile: initial wasabi spiciness settles down for a warm smoke of dark-roasted Ethiopian coffee, dried fruit, wood and a tangy citrus finish. It’s fairly priced at $6.45. See full tasting note.

MUWAT Bait Fish

MUWAT Bait Fish (89 Points, Nicaragua): Mexican tobacco is a cigar industry mainstay, and the peppery, tangy wrapper from the Gulf Coast’s San Andrés Valley gives the Bait Fish a deep, dark appearance and some power as well. It also uses Ecuadoran binder and filler from Brazil and Nicaragua, which combine to create a union of cacao nibs, licorice, peppermint and vanilla flavors. It’s only $5.50, so this smoke from Drew Estate is ideal to load up on so you can pass some out to relatives—the ones that you like, anyway. See full tasting note.

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