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Review—Visol Carbon Fiber Cases

Visol's Night Carbon Fiber 3 Finger Cigar Case.
Visol's Night Carbon Fiber 3 Finger Cigar Case.

Given the current slim-cut trend in menswear, it's become difficult to fit much in your pockets beyond the requisite cellphone, keys and wallet. While two- and three-finger cases are still your best bet for carrying cigars to a barbecue or night out, their inevitable bulk is a nuisance. Visol's Carbon Fiber Cigar Cases, however, add a degree of stream-lined practicality to this traditional cigar accessory.

There are a few compelling arguments for carbon fiber. For starters, most cigar cases are made of coarse materials like low-grade leather (or worse, imitation leather), which can cling to the inside of your pocket and make it difficult to remove. By comparison, Visol's smooth carbon-fiber cases slide in and out of pockets as slickly as your smartphone.

Visol's two finger Agent White & Black Carbon Fiber Cigar Case.
Visol's two finger Agent White & Black Carbon Fiber Cigar Case.

The carbon fiber also cuts down on the bulk of the case. The walls are remarkably thin, no wider than a paperclip, so the case won't produce unsightly bulges in your slacks or sports coat—but don't mistake thin for weak. Carbon fiber material is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and extreme durability. That's why it's is used on everything from airplane and automobile parts to bike wheels and hockey sticks. While Visol's Carbon Fiber case may seem flimsy to the touch, it's probably the strongest cigar accessory you'll ever own.

"When we go to the trade shows I put two cigars in the case and stand on them," says Visol's Gaurang Patel, explaining how he demonstrates the strength of his cases. (An independent test conducted by Cigar Aficionado can confirm this claim.)

The case design and mechanics are fairly standard—two telescoping shells that slide in and out of each other for adjustable length. But unlike many cases, Visol's creates an airtight seal to better hold the cigar's humidity. While the two- and three-finger cases measure about 6 1/2 inches fully closed, the cases still maintain their airtight seal even when extended out to 10 inches.

Visol's Landon Carbon Fiber Mini Cigar Case.
Visol's Landon Carbon Fiber Mini Cigar Case.

Made in a variety of sizes, the two-finger version can hold cigars with thicknesses from 58 to 70 ring gauge, depending on the model. The three-finger format holds cigars up to 60 ring gauge, while the four-slot case only holds short-and-thin cigars, like petit coronas.

There's also a single-cigar tube that Visol sells on its site for $115, but we recommend spending the extra five dollars for double the space, as two-finger models begin at $120.

The cases come in several different designs, ranging in price from $115 to $160. Beyond the standard carbon-fiber, you can also get the case in carbon-fiber interwoven with materials like red kevlar, blue kevlar and titanium. If you feel as though the para-military look of carbon fiber and kevlar clashes with your clothing, Visol cases also come in a variety of painted finishes.

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