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In a world of fast food and one-size-fits-all sensibilities, how often does something feel made especially for you? The "Made for You" section celebrates those items that are created with such high quality of hand workmanship and degree of customization that they become individual to you. In each issue, our editors will endeavor to bring you special things from anywhere on the globe, choosing them solely on the basis of outstanding quality. Our goal is to give you guidance on the best of everything.



Spirited Layover—Book & Bourbon

Only going to be in Kentucky for a layover at Louisville International Airport, but you want to make it seem like you took a trip on the state’s illustrious Bourbon Trail? The next best thing is Book & Bourbon, the terminal’s watering hole dedicated to America’s signature spirit. The bar holds 85 world-class, homegrown Bourbons, including such labels as various ages of Pappy Van Winkle, Angel’s Envy Cask Strength, George T. Stagg and Jefferson’s Presidential Select. Cask heads serve as decor, and, oh yeah, there are books, too.


The Sheet Of Luxury—Vero Linens

Admit it. As a dude you’ve never really put much thought into what sort of sheets you use. That’s the lady’s domain and, besides, aren’t bed linens all the same? Well, not if you are getting the kind of luxurious sleep provided by the ultrasoft Diamante sheets from Vero Linens. Made in Italy, they are soft and lustrous with hand-guided hem-stitching. And before you say the $245 price is too steep, consider their durability—they might outlast your mattress.


Stay-ing Prepared—Exuvius

The call goes out: “Does anyone have a screwdriver (bottle opener or thread cutter)?” Part MacGyver, part James Bond, you slip an Exuvius Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stay from your shirt collar and hand it over. Not only are they handy devices that double as working implements, but because they are made of titanium they are airport-checkpoint friendly. Other clever Exuvius products include cuff links that hide spare buttons and playing cards that instruct you on the manly arts while you are at a poker session.


Smooth Suit—Vocier

As a businessman on the go, the least of your worries should be a wrinkled suit. Instead of wasting time ironing, why not prevent crinkles beforehand? Vocier’s F35 Travel Bag ($895) features a compartment that gently curves around the interior of the bag, ensuring the structure and fabric of your high-end garment. Made of high-quality, hand-stitched vegetable-tanned leather from Italy, the bag conforms to carry-on size standards and comes with a magnetic hook, allowing you to hang it for easy unpacking.


Mantiqueing—M.S. Rau And Jeff Bridgman Antiques

Because man does not live by big-screen TVs and fully stocked bars alone, you might want to consider the latest gentleman’s pursuit for outfitting your man cave: mantiqueing. Not your run-of-the-mill, delicate, little Louis XIV figurine, mantiques are past relics with a masculine twist. For instance, M.S. Rau offers gaming the way it used to be: an Irish poker table, a vintage French foosball table and a horse-racing game. Jeff Bridgman American Antiques specializes in American flags, but also deals in American heritage pieces like furniture, carvings and game boards. and


Handmade Shades—State Optical

Sunglasses will ease the strain on your eyes on a sun-filled day. A sharp pair of shades, such as the Burnham frames, from Chicago-based State Optical, pictured ($363) will extend your style quotient immensely. The renowned eyewear designer Blake Kuwahara conceives each piece before a team meticulously crafts them almost entirely by hand. With crystalline nosepads, lightweight, Italian-made acetate and Zeiss lenses, these sunglasses not only look and perform beautifully, but are comfortable, too.

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