Cigar Aficionado’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, 2017

Father's Day is June 18—so if you haven't already gotten a gift for dad, it's time to start shopping.

Picking something special for the old man isn't always easy, but we're confident you can do better than that "World's Best Dad" mug you got him last year. Cigar Aficionado's Father's Day Gift Guide features an eclectic gallery of gifts that are sure to catch dad's eye. The items range in both style and price, spanning from $12 to $2,300.

If your Father's Day plans involve indulging dad with a great cigar, peruse our ratings section of more than 17,000 cigar reviews. And if you're looking for a fine libation to pair with those smokes, be sure to check out our Drinks section. For cigar accessories, our Cigar Toy page has reviews on lighters, cutters, humidors and more.



Maryland Blue Crabs

The first time you sit down at a proper Maryland crab house, wooden mallet in hand, and start smacking and eating, you are likely to fall in love with the taste. Steamed, not boiled, with savory seasoning applied to the crab itself—rather than the water—the taste is distinct, unique and addictive. This year, supplies of the crab are expected to be especially robust. Have the feast shipped to you (starting at $47) and gather the troops. Like so many good things in life, eating blue crabs (which turn pink when cooked) can’t be rushed. As you smack, pick and dine, you will talk, laugh and make memories for the future. Obrycki’s has been serving crab since 1944, and its supplier, Harbour House Crabs, ships overnight anywhere in the United States.


Ultimate Grooming Regimen

Dad has probably already heard of Kiehl’s before. After all, the company has been creating quality products for more than 160 years. Now its team has applied their expertise to a new line of grooming products for men that incorporates two special ingredients, pracaxi oil from the Amazon rainforest and Moroccan lava clay that’s mined in the Atlas Mountains. The pracaxi oil, which is in all six new products, acts as a smoothing and conditioning agent, while the Moroccan lava clay is used in the Texturizing Clay ($18) for its mattifying properties. The line also includes Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner ($20); Creative Cream Wax ($18); Clean Styling Gel ($18); Exfoliating Body Soap ($15); and Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil ($27).


Keeping Dry For The Course

Early-season golfing requires athletic wear that provides protection from the elements, without restricting agility. Galvin Green’s answer to this paradoxical quandary is the Bart Gore Windstopper ($275), which uses a high-quality Gore fabric to craft a moisture-wicking, windproof pullover that won’t bog you down. The Windstopper is designed for the golf course—with fitted cuffs and a hemline that won’t restrict movement—but functions just the same for mountain biking, sailing or hiking.


Clever Coffee

Indulge a father’s literary side (and allow him to thumb his nose at censorship) with this Banned Book heat reactive mug ($12) by Out of Print. When the cup is filled with that hot, morning shot of coffee, the blacked out sections fade away, revealing the names of famously banned books, from Lord of the Flies to The Naked and the Dead. The mug is sturdy, with a large handle, and watching the censor’s ink be wiped away by the warmth of a morning cuppa should bring a smile to a weary face.

And to fill the cup? Choose a blend from Fire Dept. Coffee, founded by firefighters and former military members. The coffee is not only tasty, but the company donates a portion of its profits to firefighters around the United States.;


Feel Good On Your Feet

Puma’s Ignite Spikeless Sport Men’s Golf Shoes may become the best pair of golf shoes you never wear on the course. The spikeless tread and stylish look make the $120 shoes suitable for far more situations than just the links. We’ve worn them to dinner, for walks around town and have made them our regular travel shoe due to their light weight, sharp style and ease of slipping on and off.


Casual But Classy Shirts

Wearing a suit? Tuck in your shirt. Dressing a bit more casual for the weekend? Consider untucking—but it’s better to go with shirts that are designed to be worn that way. UNTUCKit shirts are made at just the right length to look stylish, rather than sloppy, when not tucked into your pants.


Leather Dopp Kit

It’s a mistake to wait until you’re about to hit the road to pack your toiletries. Everyone should have a packed kit ready to go with a toothbrush, shave kit, deodorant and whatever other essentials you need to clean up while on the road. You’ll want a kit that’s built to last, and the Range Leather Co. Traveller Dopp Case ($99.95) fits the bill. Solid and stately, this kit is made in Laramie, Wyoming, with full-grain leather from Horween (a Chicago tannery with a long history), copper rivets and brass hardware. The kit is not as plump as most—you can’t cram the contents of your medicine cabinet into it—but it won’t take up much space in your luggage.


Analyze Your Shots With Arccos 360

Golfers want information, and the Arccos 360 system turns your smartphone into a swing tracking system to let you know precisely how long (or short) you’re hitting that five iron. Simply screw the Arccos sensors into the ends of your golf clubs (you’ll find each club has a hole that works perfectly for this), download the app, sync with your phone and begin tracking. The set, which comes with 14 sensors, retails for $250.


Super Slot Cars

When you were a kid, you probably found yourself whiling away a snowy morning watching tiny, cheap slot cars hurling themselves around a flimsy plastic track. It was a blast until things fell apart, which didn’t take long. Now imagine the thrill of slot car racing taken to a level undreamed of and you have an idea about Slot Mods Raceways. Picture hand-painted tracks built to last, hosting tiny cars with so much detail they appear to have been shrunk from a showroom floor with some type of ray gun from a sci-fi novel. Quality comes with a price—expect to pay $2,300 for a typical setup. Want to craft your own custom track? They can do that too.


Beefed Up Sound

Maybe dad is getting a bit hard of hearing, or perhaps he simply wants to take in all the nuanced sounds of the big game or film he’s watching. Either way, instead of maxing out the television speakers, consider getting him the new Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar ($349). This thin, well-designed soundbar is short enough to fit under most televisions, or can be mounted on the wall if that’s how dad prefers it. A HDMI ARC connection means setting up the M3 Soundbar is a breeze, and it produces crystal clear treble along with bold bass that’s impressive given the price. And should dad want to listen to his music, he can connect his Bluetooth-enabled device to the M3 Soundbar and fill the room with tunes.


Oud Is Good

When done well, the intense aroma of oud is unmistakable: woody but sweet, with a slight fruity and floral character. The Art of Shaving has tapped into the fragrant, resinous wood of the agarwood tree to create a proprietary blend for its new Oud Collection of shaving products that are perfect for dad. A hint of oud can be found in each of the new products in the line, which includes Pre-Shave Oil ($30), Shaving Cream ($30) and After-Shave Balm ($50). Dad will not only love the change of pace of the Oud scent, but also the close and comfortable shave.


Golf Sunglasses

It’s been said that sometimes your eyes can deceive you, and this adage is especially true when dad is trying to read an undulating green. To combat the problem, famed lense-maker Bollé has recently released a new pair of shades called Bolt S ($170) that are designed to highlight all the subtleties of a golf course without distorting dad’s vision. The Modulator V3 lenses in the Bolt S frames have been treated with an exterior hydrophobic/oleophobic coating and interior anti-fog treatment to manage moisture and eliminate smudging. Adjustable nosepads and Thermogrip temple tips mean the glasses will stay firmly in place, no matter how hard dad tries to rip the ball.

If you simply wish to present dad some great cigars, peruse our ratings section and its more than 17,000 cigar reviews.

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For the father who prefers a nice libation with his cigar, peruse our Drinks section.

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Our Cigar Toy section also offers an array of cigar accessories, from lighters and cutters to humidors, that any cigar-smoking dad would be happy to receive.

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