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Xikar's Ultra Lighter

Xikar's Ultra Slim Cutter, a single-blade guillotine that measures a paltry 3.5 mm, or about a few credit cards, has a new partner: the Ultra Lighter.

The Ultra Lighter features an adjustable single flame, retractable cover and a side fuel window. Most impressive, though, is its unique ability to snugly couple with the Ultra Slim Cutter via a magnetized attachment system, allowing one to carry both flame and cutter in convenient style. When together, the combination lighter/cutter measures just five-eighths of an inch.

The magnet, which is located within the Ultra Lighter, is powerful enough that the two separate cigar tools won't fall apart unexpectedly, but not so strong that one needs to strain the fingers to separate them.

The Ultra Lighter, as well as the Ultra Thin Cutter, come in gold, gunmetal, silver and carbon fiber finishes and retail for $49.99 individually, or $79.99 if purchased together.

JD Moises Miami, FL, USA, January 18, 2011 3:51pm ET
This is the cutter/lighter combo I use and I can't say I am disappointed. It's very convenient to have both in 1 tool and everyone that sees it loves it. Plus it's Xikar! Lifetime warranty!!
Bill Russo Rhode Island, USA, August 22, 2013 3:06pm ET
This lighter is nothing but problems. Had to send mine back 3 times for repair. Now the one I have has a week magnet and they told me this is how they are now. The cutter does not stick and falls off. Very poor product.

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