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Welcome to the Cigar Aficionado Club

The Editors
From the Print Edition:
Premier Issue, Autumn 92

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The Dominican Republic earns the top ranking as the origin for most smokers' everyday cigar--52 percent. Honduras is second at 24 percent and Jamaica is third at 17 percent. Surprisingly, 14 percent of our readership survey group acknowledges that their everyday cigar is Cuban, in spite of the trade embargo. Cigars from the Canary Islands and Mexico rank next in order of popularity with ten and seven percent.

Buying habits also differ. The most important single attribute when buying a cigar, listed by 51 percent of the survey respondents, is its size. Freshness is cited in 47 percent of the answers, and smoothness of taste is checked in 38 percent of the questionnaires. Quality of construction is considered by 38 percent of buyers and rich taste by 34 percent. Other factors that between 20 and 22 percent of all buyers look for include brand name, full-bodied flavor and mildness. Price is only a consideration with 14 percent of the respondents.

Given that size is the most important factor in the choice of smoke, we also queried which sizes people prefer to smoke. The most popular size is a corona, or a five and a half inch length by a 42 ring gauge, followed by a Lonsdale at six and a half inches by a 42 ring. The third most popular is a double corona at six and a half inches by a 48 ring gauge, the fourth size is a Churchill at seven and a half inches by a 48 ring. The Rothschild size (four and a quarter inches by a 50 ring) came in as the fifth most popular cigar.

CIGAR AFICIONADO readers also enjoy the best distilled spirits and wine. In fact, nearly 93 percent of the respondents say they drink wine. Eighty-three percent say they also drink spirits.

If there's one statement that can be made about CIGAR AFICIONADO readers, it is that they enjoy the finer things in life. And that most certainly includes top quality cigars. Welcome to the club.

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