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Unconditional Love

Once hunters and protectors, today's dogs have been promoted to family members. here's how to choose, train and love a dog
Stacey C. Rivera
From the Print Edition:
Kevin Bacon, May/Jun 00

(continued from page 6)

PROTECTIVE (boxer, chow chow, puli) or clever (Cardigan Welsh corgi, border collie, papillon)  

If you're this sort of person... CONTROLLING

You are competitive, calculating and manipulative. People sometimes refer to you as cocky and blunt. You can bluff in any situation and may work in marketing or sales. You are charismatic and have a desire to be successful at any cost. Your dog should be...

STEADY (Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard) or self-assured (miniature pinscher, Welsh terrier, basenji)  

If you're this sort of person... WARM

You are sympathetic, forgiving, affectionate and charitable. Because you are accommodating and helpful, your job is in the personal service field. You belong to clubs and boards, but don't require recognition for your efforts. Your dog should be...

CLEVER (Doberman pinscher, Shetland sheepdog) or friendly (golden retriever, soft-coated wheaten terrier)  

If you're this sort of person... COOL

You are self-oriented and independent. People refer to you as a lone wolf. You work in a job where your cynicism and skepticism are helpful, such as investigation. You give little thought to the desires of others and you want to win at all costs. Your dog should be...

STEADY (Bernese mountain dog, clumber spaniel, Scottish deerhound) or consistent (Boston terrier, English toy spaniel, Maltese)    

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