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Thriving Miss Daisy

From MTV Veejay to Model to Actress to Talk Show Host, Daisy Fuentes Is Always Seeking New Worlds to Conquer
Shandana A. Durrani
From the Print Edition:
Pierce Brosnan, Nov/Dec 97

(continued from page 3)

"[Raquel Egas] took it upon herself to take me under her wing and kind of guide me and tell me what to do. She was there when I went to the audition and was very helpful. She calls me every now and then and tells me how she likes my hair. She has been a total stage mom," says Fuentes.

Not long afterward, Fuentes landed her MTV Internacional job, on Telemundo, Univision's chief competitor. She left college behind and has never looked back.

She credits her success to equal parts luck, coincidence and drive. "I think that it takes a lot to keep you in there [at the top of your profession]. It is a tricky business and the whole negotiating aspect of it can drive someone insane," she says. "It is nasty. You can think that you know someone in this business and you really don't. You can be stabbed in the back very easily. You can be praised very easily. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do. It is like being in school. You have got to pay attention, you have got to study and you have to do your homework and, when the time comes, you have to score higher than everybody else. Otherwise, you are not going to go on to the next grade and somebody else will. And there is always somebody there waiting to take your place."

Fuentes has somewhere to go. She bids farewell and with feline grace, slides back into the Lincoln Town Car. As the sun sets over New Jersey and the car speeds away, it is the end of another work day for Daisy Fuentes. But she's already planning her tomorrows. *

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