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The Greatest

Morgan Freeman has earned his stellar reputation with some of the most compelling movie roles of the last 25 years.
From the Print Edition:
Morgan Freeman, Mar/Apr 2005

(continued from page 5)

But then there was 1987. That was the year he started performing in Driving Miss Daisy on the stage, which then led to the film role, and which in turn led to the recognition from the Academy that had been so long in coming. Good fortune had finally struck in his 50th year; a lesser man might have given up much sooner.

In talking about his life, while driving from Santa Monica, California, back to the Four Seasons Hotel for his photo shoot, Freeman knows he gravitated towards all of the things that matter to him like a compass drawn towards magnetic north. And somewhere in his heart, even though it took so long, it always seemed as if it was destined to happen.

"Well, that's the right analogy, isn't it? I mean, I don't know that this pattern of my birth year being a highlight is always going to hold true. But I've learned to be ready for it. And like with setting up our production offices with our partnership with Hewlett-Packard, I've learned that when there's a void to be filled—and there always is—you should be ready to fill it. I know what matters to me. Taking a sailing trip, which I only got to do once last year, because I'm always working. I enjoy working with diesel engines, something I found in the Air Force, which helps because I know I'm a boat guy, not a car guy."

Before he can continue, a brand new Bentley Continental GT coupe—in rich, gleaming hand-rubbed black—slices past him, and he watches the car in awe.

"Maybe I'm not a car guy, but I can appreciate a thing of beauty. Something that takes time to build."

Sometimes, life hands us easy symbols—and Morgan Freeman has applied sweat, craft and persistence to assemble a legacy as lovingly hand-tooled as the piece of powered steel that's cruising past him. And, he's not done yet.

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