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Peter Weller's Cigar Paradise

Africa, or finding the Founding Fathers (Rolling in Their Graves) While Smoking my Way Through Post-Apartheid Cape Town
Peter Weller
From the Print Edition:
Tyson vs. King, Jan/Feb 04

(continued from page 5)

And I look around and see the beady eyes of Alfred connecting with Dave and Ida.

"Let me finish and then you can…." I try to continue. But Benedict is on a roll.

"NO, don't finish, you righteous bastard, you're speaking patriotic hogwash, and you know better, and we don't want to swallow it."

"Shut up and sit down, ya C---!" Roger bellows at Rick.

"What?" responds Rick, stunned at Roger's blast, as all heads turn and mouths drop, at the Roger's use of the 'C' word, a normality in Australia, a heart attack with the rest of Western-dom.

"It's Pete's f*$#*ing party, and you're an invite same as all of us," Roger bellows.

"Let me ask you." Dave interjects to Roger. "Were there slaves in Australia?"

"You bet, mate!" twangs Roger. "And we're still treating the Aboriginals like 'shite,' but that ain't the point. The point is that it's Pete's party and I f*&$#ing asked him to make a speech, and I ain't heard a f*&%#ing ending to the speech for all the f*&%$ing yammering from that your f*&%$ing traps."

And then Doc, looking sideways to Dave, interjects at him, "Did you fight in a war?" This stops the traffic. The three students bounce looks from Doc to Dave and back again.

"That's beside the point here," a calm Dave responds.

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